How to get indexed backlinks?

On TheBestIndexer (TBI) we have opted for maximum efficiency and your links will all be treated with maximum priority as soon as they are submitted because we understand that time is money. No need to wait unnecessarily to know if your SEO campaign worked, with us, you will be fixed almost instantly. The best indexer has been designed to offer the maximum indexing. This makes it the ultimate weapon. It is impossible to do without the best indexer tool to index a PBN or a quality T1 on which you bet all of your referencing. Building backlinks, pinging RSS feeds, generating content to index your links should never be an option for you and never is for us. You will finally discover 100% White Hat indexing, boosted as if on steroids allowing you to focus on the essentials, which is to power your site to the first Google place and develop your audience safely.

As efficient as it is, TBI also allows you to submit unlimited quantities URLs, as long as you respect several fundamental rules:

- One URL per line.
- UTF-8 or ANSI format only for full compatibility.
- TXT file type, no proprietary file type like RTF or XML Sitemap format.
- Only URLs, no HTML or other code is accepted for security reasons.

How send backlinks

If you do not respect the previously noted instructions your backlinks will not be processed.

The first thing many people don't think about is the basics. Check the links before submitting them, if your links, accounts, and posts have been deleted, they will be impossible to index. You must also verify that they are reachable. If the server takes too long to respond, returns a 404 error, or an SQL connection problem, search engines like Google will not be able to index your backlinks and will postpone their exploration to a later date. It is imperative that, the search engines must be able to access your backlinks to index them and also to transmit the Authority and the Semantic Juice to your Networks.

Avoid spinning content and prioritize high-quality contextual articles in sufficient quantity as much as possible. Spin masters always end up generating more and more duplicate content as they are used, trying to index this footprint for Google will be detrimental to your netlinking strategy. Formatting and syntax errors in your articles should be avoided at all times. There is nothing more visible than generated texts, especially with encoding problems. When in doubt, avoid subjecting content to this kind of thing which could risk having your domain or blog flagged.
It is easy to know when your site is penalized, it is more difficult to see if the platforms you are targeting to create your links are healthy. Think long term and avoid surprises.

We cannot ensure 100% indexing because only Google, Bing, and Yandex choose the pages they will include in their search results. Their algorithms measuring the semantic relevance of your pages and they are the sole judges, we can nevertheless assure you that your backlinks will have been crawled and treated with our special and top-secret formula to make them totally irresistible to the most popular engines.

Quality must be in place from the first link of your campaign "Your First Post" to the last: "".