Terms of Service

Article 1: Object
To legally supervise the use of this site, the General Conditions of Use (CGU) below, act as a contract between thebestindexer and the user who must obligatorily accept them before accessing the services.

Article 2: Access to the site
Access to the site is free and open to anyone who can connect to the internet.
To access the paid services offered, the user must establish an account including a username and password.
We reserve the right to temporarily interrupt or suspend access to the site or the services for maintenance or other purposes, without giving notice or justification to the user.

Article 3: Privacy Policy
When creating an account on the site, user data is collected and treated with respect for their privacy in complete confidentiality.
This information serves as a link between The Best Indexer and the user to offer the latter an optimal service.
In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, relating to the protection of personal data, the user has the right of access, rectification, opposition, or deletion of their personal information.

Article 4: Duration of the contract
By accepting the General Conditions of Use of the site, the contract begins for an indefinite period.

Article 5: Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
In the event of a dispute between two parties, insofar as no amicable agreement is reached, recourse to the competent courts will be required to end the dispute.

Article 6: Intellectual property
TheBestIndexer.com site being protected by copyright, under the Intellectual Property Code, the user must request authorization from the site publisher before reproducing, copying or publishing the various content.
The user can, however, use them for private and non-commercial purposes.

Article 7: prohibited content
It is strictly forbidden to submit any kind of links containing illegal, immoral activity or aiming to harm in any way whatsoever to a legal or natural person.

Article 8: Guarantee
We cannot guarantee the indexing of the user's links, the latter being governed solely by Google, Bing and Yandex, which chooses whether or not to include the links in its index.

Article 9: Delivery service
The services offered are immediately accessible after payment made via PayPal and are subject to a limited time depending on the service chosen.

Article 10: Refund and termination
As part of the functioning of the site, we will not make any refund once the submission of links is validated.
Given the nature of the services offered any money paid be cannot be refunded. However, if you no longer wish to use the service do not make any further payments. There is no automatic renewal.